Ways To Expand Your Client Base

With the economy the way it is; it’s sometimes difficult for entrepreneurs to expand their client base…getting more clients is key in growing your business and is important when trying to build a “brand” & a solid reputation for your business…here are just a few ways to build your client base…

Start A Blog – starting a blog can give your existing clients updates, and perhaps draw new clients to your business & concepts…

Create A FANPAGE Via FACEBOOK – again, this can help build a network of like minded individuals & reach those who maybe interested in your product or service…

Create An E-Mail Marketing Campaign – do you ever receive those annoying FORWARDS sent to you by e-mail…consider those gold; when you get forwarded e-mail, send an e-mail right back explaining what it is that you offer…be careful though; you never want to be found in someone’s spam folder, and be blacklisted!

Attend Networking Events – this my ABSOLUTE favorite; I love networking; attending these events can take your “brand” to a higher level; you never know who you’re gonna’ meet!

Post Ads Via CRAIGSLIST – craigslist is probably the most popular online classified website today; and best of all, it’s FREE…post your services online; and watch the amount of inquiries you receive…it may surprise you!

Offer FREE Services|Products – people like the word FREE; offering a one-time FREE service or product could get them coming back for more, potentially building your client base & having loyal customers…

Volunteer – most organizations such as churches, schools, or other networking events love when you volunteer your services…volunteering can lead to future business…

These are just some basic ways to building your client base, and with some creativity and thinkin’ outside the box, your business client base will grow tremendously!


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