LOW-COST Marketing Ideas

EVERY entrepreneur has a budget, and the basis of most entrepreneur’s budget is the marketing; we’re all strapped for cash these days, so this is a way to market your company on a budget and to work with what you already have…

Offer a Lower Cost Version of Your Services.
Offer a lower cost version of your services. If someone can’t afford using your services, then you might as well try to make at least some money from them. An example of this would be to offer template designed leaflets instead of custom designed leaflets.

Say Something Funny and Set Yourself Apart as The Funny Designer.
Sounds silly, but if the potential customer likes you, he is more likely to hire you.

Incorporate Video on Your Site and Go Viral with a Video.
Video is one of the hottest things on the web today so you should be incorporating it into your site. Of course you have heard of YouTube. If you create a video that evokes strong emotions, people will share it and share it faaaaaaaaaaaaaast. That’s the essence of viral success. You will know quickly if your video clip is a success.

Post Free Ads – BackPage.com
Post free ads on BackPage.com to see if this gets you any work.

Improve Your Content
Don’t have content for content’s sake. There’s been a big push recently to get as much content as possible on websites so that search engines see keywords in that content. But as users get savvier about the web, they are getting increasingly interested in the quality of content. No one is going to spread the word about content that is bad.

Placing ‘Invite Friends’ or ‘Send Article to Friends’ Buttons on Your Web Site.
At the minimum, you should place an ‘Invite Friends’ button to your web site’s front page. However, it would work really well if you placed a ‘Send article to friends’ button on all of your article pages as well.

Get Articles Published in Online Magazines / e-zines.
Try to get your articles published in online trade magazines and e-zines.


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