Goals – Are You There Yet?!?!?

It’s hard to believe we are almost into the last quarter of the year. Remember those goals you made in January? How are you doing on them? Sometimes towards the end of the year we have a tendency to scrap goals that we didn’t make progress on and wait for the new year; but, we have over 100 days to get results on our goals. If you haven’t made progress on your goals, you might want to consider a structure.
ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER You can get a friend to become an accountability partner; check in weekly or daily with how you are doing on your goals. 
REMINDERS Post reminders on your wall; you can post your goals, time-table, positive affirmations, or maybe a vision board; all of these keep your goals at the top of your mind.  


SUPPORT Get group support; if you want to lose weight you can join “Weight Watchers” or “Overeaters Anonymous”; to get in shape, join a gym that has exercise classes. If you want more clients, become a member of TOASTMASTERS, a networking group or a mastermind. 




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