Enjoy different e-books, coaching sessions, reports, and other services that help encourage future entrepreneurs get focused on driving traffic to their business! To sign up for my monthly BUSINESS THOUGHTS newsletter, send an e-mail to: & get up-to-date trends & tips that could take your business to the next level.

Monthly Newsletter

The time has finally come! I created a newsletter that will be featuring entrepreneurs and discussing up-to-date small business tips, and small business strategies that will take your business to the next level! This newsletter is absolutely a great thing; and the only way it can be a great success is by hearing from you…if you have any suggestions or comments as to what you would want featured in the newsletter, contact me; that’s what I’m here for! We want to educate and create entrepreneurs! It’s never a recession if we can come together to help inspire each other!
To subscribe to this FREE monthly newsletter, e-mail me:; and of course if you want my in depth detailed monthly reports, you can subscribe to that too for just $1 per month. In these monthly reports, there are small business marketing tips, social media information, and up-to-date small business news from all over, including articles from experts in every industry there is! It’s an opportunity to showcase your business as there will be plenty of advertising opportunities.
Check out the very first issue; I’m sure you’ll find it useful!
Business Thoughts Newsletter [09|10)]

 Personal Career Goal Sheet

Setting Goals is very important when dealing with your small business, the life of running your small business leads to a very, very busy life, and one must have things in order so that you can be successful. It’s important to manage your time, and measure your goals. Every month, I use this goal-setting sheet and measure what I want to accomplish on a short-term level as well as long-term. Check it out, and see how it can help you attain and measure your goals…
Personal Career Goal Sheet


Og Mandino – The Greatest Secret In The World

The purpose if this book is to help you unlock a world of personal happiness & extraordinary achievement! This book hopes to identify the TEN GREAT SCROLLS OF SUCCESS…it shares the secrets for personal and financial success while helping YOU identify your goals & executing them to your FULLEST potential…
Og Mandino is the author of some of the most influencial best-selling books. One of which is THE GREATEST SECRET IN THE WORLD where it illustrates the ten scrolls for the principle’s of life…
I’ve created a STUDY GROUP on FACEBOOK to help us use and implement all each of the scrolls throughout for 30 [thirty] days; and in that time-frame we discuss how each scroll is/has impacting us in a positive way. There you will find all scrolls so that you can study and implement the scrolls in your daily life and to its fullest potential!
Check it out, join our STUDY GROUP on FACEBOOK: & download the scrolls below!
The Greatest Secret In The World: SCROLLS I-X

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